Where's the next one coming?

Being a title rep, I spend a lot of time analyzing the activities that I perform every day. I’m always looking for a way to work smarter, quicker and more effective. While doing this, I was thinking about the process of what I do – title insurance sales – and began to really focus in on the conversion aspect. That’s the point where a prospective customer is ready, willing and able to become a current customer. Seems pretty simple, right? But then I began to take a look at the bigger picture, and realized how easy it is for a title rep to be focused on the wrong things, or even too focused on just one aspect of his or her duties.
We’ve got a lot of balls in the air, all trying to attract and convert that prospective client to become our client. Sometimes, we can focus too much on those processes, and miss the opportunity to complete a ready conversion. Does that sound too technical? Okay, let me break it down.
Do you remember the game Whack-A-Mole?
Sure you do. It can still be found in the kiddie section of your local Chuck E. Cheeses or Dave & Buster’s. You watch as a small child grips the foam hammer, and shrieks as the little smiling chipmunk-like creatures pop up from their respective holes on a large table board. As soon as that mole pops up, WHAM! The child smacks it on the head with the foam hammer, and the game registers it as a ‘win’, or ‘good hit’. As the game continues, the moles pop up randomly, and then more quickly, until the child just begins to frantically whack holes, hoping to nail a rodent just as he’s about to come out of his hole. Of course, the child soon learns that if she can do two things – patiently wait while staying focused – she will whack more moles, and register a better score.
I see some basic similarities in how not only title reps, but sales professionals in general, could learn a thing or two from our friend, the Whack-A-Mole.
Our efforts in lead-generation, marketing, branding and -quite honestly, reputation – are the fuel and power behind our sales success. That’s what gets our customers to pop out of their holes. However, all too often, we can get too focused by thinking we know which hole our customer is going to pop out of. So, we hover over it, ready to give him a whack. But in doing so, we take our eyes off of the rest of the playing board. Other customers from unsuspecting places pop up, ready to be whacked with convincing customer service and detail, only to retract back into their hole before you can strike in time.
My point is, be ready to whack, but stay focused on the whole board. You don’t know for sure when or where the mole’s going to pop up. But when they do, you’ve got to be looking for it, and you’ve got to react quick.
Happy whacking!

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