A Grain of Salt

A grain of salt

Pass the salt, please....

Is salt essential to us?  Of course it is.


Salt helps maintain the fluid in our blood cells and is used to transmit information in our nerves and muscles. It is also used in the uptake of certain nutrients from our small intestines. The body cannot make salt and so we must add it to our daily intake via food or drink.  Just the right amount of salt can even enhance the taste of our favorite foods.

Add too much salt though, and the tasteful experience is ruined.  Excessive salt over time will prove very unhealthy, even lethal.

‘Asking for the business’ is much like salt.

Oh, we provide a smorgasboard of products and services to our customers; we have websites and widgets, classes and schwag, even computer programs and ‘brainstorming’ sessions… and we either assume – or just hope – that people will ‘get’ that we want their business.  So, in this simple act of false humility, we ‘skip adding any salt’.  Consequently, our customers eat to their content, say thank you, and leave.

You’ve got to give ’em the salt.

It’s imperative to your life – your business life – that you provide salt.  And, in the same manner as with food, you can’t dump it on your customer’s plate with every chance encounter.  Just like with any meal, that will quickly turn your customer’s stomach; and done long enough, it will prove lethal to your business encounters.

So, the magic lies in just the proper amounts.  Please don’t misunderstand; you should WANT to help your customers improve their lives.  That’s a great thing!  You should go into every endeavor with a servant’s heart; that will serve you well your entire career.  But never asking for salt will prove unhealthy – even detrimental – to your business livelihood.

Would you pass the salt, please?

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